Focused primarily on .410 bore and 20-gauge chambering, Mossberg’s 500 and 510 Mini Youth Series shotguns include all-purpose field models with removable chokes. A specially engraved, 20-gauge, 510 Mini Super Bantam, Mossy Oak “Turkey Thug” model dressed in Mossy Oak Obsession camo with an adjustable synthetic stock and padded sling. There’s a 500 Super Bantam “Slugster” in 20-gauge dressed in Realtree camo with a 24-inch rifled and ported barrel, adjustable synthetic stock and cantilever scope mount. There are even several 20-gauge combination models with adjustable synthetic or fixed wood stocks with two barrels: a 22-inch general purpose, adjustable choke barrel for upland game and a rifled, ported slug barrel for big game.

In short, the 500 Youth Series includes 12-, 20-gauge and .410-bore chamberings in field, turkey, and multibarrel variations with 18.5- 20-, 22-, 24- smoothbore and 24-inch slug barrel options, stocked in either synthetic with adjustable length-of-pull or solid synthetic and wood stocks in a variety of camouflage or standard finishes.