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Trail cameras aren’t anything new. I’ve used them since the days of when you had to take film — remember film, kids? — down to the local drugstore and get the pictures developed. You’d usually get back 15 blank pictures along with one or two photos of a deer butt. Nowadays, the technology is mature with hi-def digital trail sensors and many, like the SPYPOINT, use the cellular phone network to transmit the pictures in real time.

I decided to review the SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LT for a decidedly non-hunting purpose — home security. The camera is easy to set up and if someone or something trips the sensor, I nearly instantly get a picture sent to my own phone. Best of all, with SPYPOINT, the purchase price includes up to 100 photos transmitted per month — for life! It’s not a replacement for an alarm, but if you need to keep tabs on the barn, your hunting cabin or the backyard, this is one of the best and least expensive methods. Plus for hunters, the LINK-MICRO-LT can even use special software to identify target species! All this versatility and ease of use comes at a mere $119.99!


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