How Does She Run?

In a word, swimmingly. I pack a Springfield Armory XD-S in .45 ACP as my EDC gun these days. The new Micro Compact Hellcat rides just as discreetly in the same holster and prints no worse while packing more than twice as many rounds.

The Hellcat is so small I can comfortably tote the gun in a Crossbreed IWB holster even with the red dot installed and about forget it’s there. The gun fits my hands nicely and the red dot compensates a great deal for my seasoned eyes. The pistol will just about hide in the palm of your hand.

At a typical defensive range of seven meters I can put 14 rounds through what is essentially a big jagged hole. All Springfield Armory guns are accurate and this one is no different. The grip fits my moderately large hands perfectly while the undercut trigger guard and high beavertail help mitigate muzzle flip and tame recoil. I fed the gun a little bit of everything I could find and it ate it all flawlessly. The day a Springfield Armory firearm is unreliable is the day I will vote Democrat.

The reversible magazine release is in the perfect spot and the slide stop is easily accessed. However, with the red dot installed I find it much easier to just draw my hand against the red dot to drop the slide on a fresh magazine. The Micro Compact Hellcat carries like a pocket pistol yet performs like a service gun.