As a practicing revolver schmidt, I see several common “gunsmithing” problems almost daily that are the result of reloaded or out-of-spec ammunition. Heavy-bullet high-performance ammo is all the rage today in sport revolvers. Most of this ammo is loaded with cast bullets, which quite often have quite wide front driving bands in front of the case mouth. If this section of the bullet is too long and not sized properly, it can foul on the leede or throat sections of the chamber, preventing the cartridge from fully seating in the chamber. Sometimes, the interference is great enough to prevent closing the cylinder. Even if you can close the loaded cylinder, the cases may still have interference headspace and the gun won’t cycle smoothly.

Assuming the throat diameters are adequate to the bullet diameter below the crimp, the solution is either to properly size the whole cylindrical section of the bullet or change to a design with a smaller meplat and narrower driving band. Reloaders often forget that in-and-out bullet sizer/lubricators do not always size the entire bullet due to lube port location or bullet length. Only through-type sizers will accomplish this. A simple remedy is to use the Lee bullet sizer die in a reloading press to complete the job.