Not to be Out-done

It’s not just the Sun-Times keeping tabs on the Windy City’s body count.

The Chicago Tribune updates its homicide data on a weekly basis. By the time you read this, the city will have logged at least 200 slayings, which is on par with 2019 at this time, and we haven’t even seen the July Fourth or Labor Day weekends — always a banging time of year for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, the Tribune tracked homicides back to 2013 to compare body counts. They seemed to peak in 2016 and have gradually declined since then, but it certainly hasn’t been for lack of trying.

The Tribune reporting notes, “Homicides tend to peak in the summer months, on the weekend and during later hours.” Summer starts late next week, so this translates to a lot of violence over the next three months.

Says the Tribune: “The majority of Chicago homicides are the result of gun violence.” There’s that term “gun violence” again.

Most Chicago homicides happen in the South and West sides. Most of the victims are black males with roughly one-in-ten having been female over the past year. There is no information on the race or gender of the killers, probably because they haven’t all been rounded up.