Winter Wonderland

Things really seem to settle down when it snows in the woods. It’s something only a hunter can observe and appreciate, be it man or beast. It’s like being in a life-size snow globe of your own little cosmos where you can solve the world’s problems, along with your own, through judicious thought. Packing a good sixgun doesn’t seem to hurt things either!

Sunrise was scheduled for 7:27a.m. Time to sleep in a little, and still have time to watch the world wake up, becoming alive with activity. I was in the woods, and in my spot at 6:50. Sitting at the base of a large oak tree, slowly the sun starts making day. I’m watching the world slowly come into focus, making out snow-laden cedars and shrubs. Believe me, they’re gorgeous. While absorbing all this splendor, I count my blessings of family and friends. Shortly, I make out the outline of a deer sneaking through the brush….

I know it’s a buck by the way he slinks along through the thick stuff, head low to the ground, as if playing a perpetual game of hide and seek. He was only 35 yards away….