Uberti’s Roosevelt model wears simulated ivory grips and I tend to like such grips more than walnut or some other wood on a single-action. My guess is they’ll fill someone’s gun hand comfortably.

When I first acquired my Ruger single-action New Vaqueros, both shot low at 25 yards using 250-grain lead loads from Remington, Winchester and Black Hills. It wasn’t “that” low with either sixgun, but enough I figured it would make a difference at long range, say 75 or even 100 yards. As for windage, both guns were dead-on.

So, I traded some email with a couple of guys about this dilemma. First, they advised I needed to work up a good load which would work consistently in both revolvers, the 7 ½-incher and the other with a 4 5/8” barrel. I hit paydirt with a 255-grain Hornady flatnose lead bullet pushed by 6.9 grains of Hodgdon’s HP-38. While rounds still shot low, they grouped well.

Since then, I’ve gotten good results with a 250-grain cast lead flat point propelled by 7.0 grains of HP-38 and they strike at essentially the same point of impact. Both loads clock right around 900 fps out of the longer barrel and about 875 fps out of the shorter gun, but they’re good utility loads — that’s what a .45 Colt sixgun is for me, a utility gun.