Shoot at Home for Fun and Practice

From the March 1957 Issue

"There's no question...

…either that ignorance about guns and the prejudice due to ignorance threaten your right and mine to own guns, to hunt, or to engage in target shooting sports in this country. The cure for these prejudices is to teach prejudiced people the truth about guns, to convince them that shooting is a sport like any other sport, that it’s fun, that it can be fun for them. And because pellet guns can be used in thickly populated areas where regular firearms are prohibited, because pellet-gun ranges can be set up cheaply even inside a home, this kind of shooting is growing rapidly in popularity. Proof of the effectiveness of this phenomenon against gun prejudice is the fact that more Americans are shooting for sport today — shooting firearms as well as pellet weapons — than ever before in the history of sport.”

That’s a paragraph from the middle of an article titled “Shoot at Home for Fun and Practice” in the March 1957 issue of GUNS Magazine. This article’s worth your time just for the excellent imagery but it’s worth noting how pellet and BB guns have grown in popularity … since 1957.

Enjoy the pages below and check out GUNS March 1957 for the entire issue!