If you have never purchased a real gun belt such as the thick 1.25"- or 1.5"-wide belts offered by CrossBreed and other leather companies, stop right now and order one. I can wait. I’m serious about this. Having a belt built for carrying a gun on your waist is foundational. If you’ll promise me you’ve got the belt situation taken care of, we can move on to holsters. Dozens of companies make a holster to fit your gun. If you can wear a polo or Hawaiian shirt with the shirttail out, it’ll save you a ton of aggravation about what holster to wear. Get a Bianchi Model 101, Foldaway Belt Slide Gun Holster. You can order one from Amazon and most likely have it in two or three days.

When my former boss Roy Huntington told me about this holster, I looked at it and thought, “Yea, right.” But I trust Roy, so I got one and I’ve found it to be just the ticket. I put it on my belt when I get dressed and when I leave home, I slip my gun in the holster, clip a spare mag pouch on the opposite side and I’m ready to go. This holster will work with any of the 9mm double-stacks I mentioned above plus any of the popular single-stack pistols. It will work with most red dot or laser sights. It works with revolvers, too.

I wear my gun at the three o’clock position. To keep it a viable option, I lowered the righthand arm rest on my wheelchair so drawing from my holster is not restricted. The beauty of the belt slide foldaway holster is I can move it around for appendix carry or cross-draw, or around behind my back and it still works. I do have some good IWB holsters and occasionally wear one to carry a heavier gun such as the Walther Q4 SF or SIG SAUER P226.