Manual Of Arms

A basic construction and dismounting drill, unlike many of the rimfires, is a close mirror of the larger rifles though a bolt-mounted recoil spring takes the place of the standard buffer tube arrangement. The buffer tube is functionally superfluous, giving rise to the notion the system might be an ideal basis for a handgun or even a quality knock-off of the C96 Mauser. The receiver has no forward assist. This is a good thing as applying force to chamber a rimfire round is not a good thing to do.

The bolt lock system also differs from the center-fire ARs. It locks all the way back with an empty magazine in place but there is no way to manually lock it back when the magazine is out. Removing the empty magazine drops the bolt and it’s necessary to work the charge handle to chamber a round. The manual bolt lock will lock the bolt back about 3/4" and can be used to close the bolt from this position. This would be a handy way of inserting and retaining the chamber flag required on many ranges.