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AR15 & Pistol Multi-Tools

My dad was an auto mechanic — a real one, not just a parts replacer like many today — and had the toolbox to prove it. He once said he could rebuild an engine with just the tools inside that box. Years after he passed, I knew a guy who rebuilt a carburetor with just the multi-tool he kept on his belt.

That’s when compact multi-capability tools first got my attention, and why the new pocket-size Real Avid Gun Tool AMP has it now.

Already the leader in DIY for guns, the Gun Tool AMP brings a new level of innovation to gun maintenance for the AR-15, Model 1911 and other semi-auto pistols.

Gun Tool AMP

At their core, each Gun Tool AMP consists of two parts: the carry holster and the tool frame. A replacement for a sheath, the carry holster sports a MOLLE-compatible belt/pocket clip on the outside and holds a bit set with a fold-out magnetic bit driver. Meanwhile, the tool frame consists of a knife blade and stainless steel liner-locking tools specific to the gun platform.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what comes with each Gun Tool AMP.

For the tactical gun owner, the AR-15 version features a 2.6″ tanto blade with titanium and black oxide finishes, bolt override, takedown punch, tap hammer, firing pin retaining pin puller, bolt carrier group (BCG) scrapers, carrier scraper and firing pin scraper. Provided bits included various size Phillips, Flat, Hex and Torx with an A2 sight adjuster.

Like AR owners, us handgunners are guilty of our fair share of tinkering, so a multi-tool designed specifically for John Moses Browning’s pistol is just the thing for guys like me. Included in the Gun Tool AMP 1911 are a 2.6″ drop point blade, four sizes of laser sight/trigger adjustment hex keys, a mainspring housing pin punch, tap hammer, Government/Officer profile bushing wrench, carbon scraper, metal file, pick and four sizes of nut wrenches. The darned thing even has a bottle opener, too, while the carry holster hides various Flat, Hex and Torx bits.

And for the millions shooting other pistols, the Gun Tool AMP Pistol was made for you. Tools include a 2.6″ Wharncliffe blade, four sizes of laser sight/trigger adjustment hex keys, a pin punch, tap hammer, carbon scraper, metal file, pick, four sizes of nut wrenches and a trusty bottle opener. Bits feature Phillips, Flat, Hex and Torx heads.

If all that seems like a lot packed into one tool, looking at and handling a Gun Tool AMP will leave you impressed by how Real Avid managed to do it. If there’s something that can’t be done to a modern sporting rifle, 1911 or semi-auto pistol with one of these tools, my guess is nobody has thought of it.

But if my dad were still around, he’d surely be sitting in an easy chair fiddling with one of these things and muttering to himself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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