Radians Custom
Molded Earplugs


I’ve used this product for years, it’s one of my long-time favorites and yet I’ve never written about them — until now.

The Radians Custom Molded Earplugs are similar to the product you can have done professionally at a hearing aid office or many major gun/outdoor consumer shows, but you do it at home and at a much nicer price. The kit includes some gooey, putty-like kid stuff you knead together then jam — gently, gently — into your ear until it hardens in about 10 minutes. Once you — slowly, slowly, to avoid sucking out your eardrums — peel them out, you have a set of custom-molded 26dB NRR earplugs that will last for years.

The putty comes in six different colors and with some careful planning and execution, I’ve even made custom earbuds though it’s not officially recommended. Pro tip: Use a red permanent marker, tape or paint to designate the right ear, as in “red, right, Roy?” Best of all, you can pick up the kit for $10 to $15.

MSRP: $10-$15

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