Slick And Shootable

ARs are easy to shoot accurately. Factors such as length of pull and shape and size of pistol grip can be adjusted to individual needs. A key to accuracy is to hold the rifle the same for every shot. Precision shooters, once they’ve set up their shooting position, prefer not to disrupt it during a string of fire. With bolt-action rifles they move no more than absolutely necessary to cycle the action. The AR, like any semi-auto, eliminates even this movement.

Moderate recoil, extreme accuracy and fast follow-up shots make the AR an outstanding choice for prairie dog and ground squirrel shoots. Its moderate recoil makes it easy to spot bullet strikes. If you misjudge the wind and miss your first shot, you can correct and fire again almost immediately.

The AR is ideal for calling coyotes. I’m not the greatest caller by any means and can’t recall having more than two come in at once. A buddy of mine says he once had either four or five coyotes (he got a bit confused) coming in at once. After shooting one he had an attack of buck fever and managed to jam his bolt-action rifle.