Meet The “Eliza”

Starting with a 12-gauge Remington 870 or Mossberg 500, the Eliza is an integrally suppressed shotgun featuring a tuned action and upgraded furniture. While Cayce acknowledges the build is outside the sphere of public demand, he says the Eliza has appeal among hunters and shooters interested in the benefits of shooting suppressed, which include reduced recoil and acoustic intensity.

Starting with the barrel, Phoenix Weaponry trims 12" of top rib from a standard 26" barrel to make room for the suppressor backstop. The barrel is then ported, similar to what you’d see on sporting clay shotguns, and threaded to accept the removable suppressor baffle stack. The baffle stack is then covered by a sleeve that butts against the aforementioned backstop. When assembled, the integral suppressor adds roughly 5" to the barrel length, leaving the shotgun with a barrel measuring 30"-plus.

If you’re wondering about the use of chokes, the custom barrel retains the use of factory chokes so long as they are flush-mounted. Chokes can be changed out by quickly disassembling the suppressor, swapping the choke tube and reassembling.