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Photon Holster

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters introduces the Photon, a 100% ambi holster that can be swapped easily from left-hand to right-hand draw. Designed for optics and threaded barrels, it can be worn anywhere on the belt line with IWB clips and an OWB paddle. A Sidecar Mag Carrier can be attached or worn separately. The Photon’s polymer shell is lighter, stronger, more heat resistant and has a higher melt temperature than Kydex. MSRP: $44.88 w/ non-light options; $49.88 w/ light options; $24.99 for the Sidecar Mag Carrier. For more info: (208) 215-2046, AlienGearHolsters

Vickers Tactical Steel Magazine Release


TangoDown introduces the Vickers Tactical Steel Magazine Release (GMR-007S) for GLOCK 43X/48. It is the same shape as the existing magazine release, but offers the durability needed to function with S15 steel magazines from Shield Arms. MSRP: $19.20. For more info: [email protected],



ATN Corp

ATN delivers on its promise of cutting edge thermal scope technology with the ThOR 5 XD. ATN’s Gen 5 Thermal Scope shakes up the Electro-Optics industry with its feature-rich 1280×1024, 60 Hz 12 micron, ultra-sensitive HD thermal sensor. A Quad Core processor with enhanced sensors give ThOR 5 stunning image quality night and day. Mountable on standard 30vmm rings, the ThOR 5 sports a smaller and smoother profile. MSRP: $5,500. For more info:

Thread-On Compensator

Shadow Systems

Shadow Systems has introduced a Thread-On Compensator to fit their 9mm pistols with threaded barrels. It fits the slide of Shadow Systems’ MR920, DR920 and XR920 pistol lines as well as all models of these platforms. The compensator will significantly improve shot to shot times for shooters. Shooters will feel less recoil when the compensator is installed. The Thread-On Compensator uses a solid clamping system for attachment, which does not damage the threaded section of the barrel. MSRP: $118. For more info: (469) 458-6808,


841 Sprint Pro-Carbon Fiber

Buck Knives

Buck Knives’ 841 Sprint Pro-Carbon Fiber EDC knife features ball bearing technology that allows this folding knife to open smoothly and rapidly when you engage the flipper. A sturdy liner lock safely secures the blade open while in use. The 3.125″ drop-point blade is S45VN steel while the lightweight handle is marbled carbon fiber. The knife is easy to carry with a unique Cerakoted red stainless-steel deep pocket clip. MSRP: $209.99. For more info: (800) 735-2825,

XRT .22 LR Trigger for 10/22 Rifles

Tactical Solutions (TacSol)

Tactical Solutions (TacSol) announces the XRT Trigger for Ruger 10/22 Rifles is now available. The innovative trigger is also for the X-Ring series of rifles. The premium XRT Trigger is manufactured to a high level of craftsmanship and “is the most reliable and best performing .22LR trigger available.” MSRP: $495. For more info: (866) 333-9901,


Multi-Colored Rifle & Shotgun Case

Glary Case Co. Ltd.

The Multi-Colored Rifle & Shotgun Case from Glary Case Co. is designed for use in the hunting and shooting sports. The stackable plastic cases protect not just rifles and shotguns, they keep airsoft rifles, bows and handguns safe too. Glary also produces a variety of functional industrial and outdoor use hard and soft cases or bags. MSRP: About $80. For more info: [email protected],

MFT Belly Band Holster

Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical’s new MFT Belly Band Holster gives comfort for everyday-carry with its 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric. Special channels allow for more efficient airflow, increasing comfort in comparison with other elastic-type holsters. The MFT Belly Band Holster has a hard laminate trigger shield to protect the firearm’s trigger. It also has two elastic pockets for spare mags, knives and more. What’s good about this holster is there is no belt needed! The MFT Belly Band holster can fit waist sizes from 26″ to 52″. MSRP: $49.99. For more info: (267) 704-0001,


Stinger Color-Rite

Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight’s Stinger Color-Rite produces 500 lumens of light with a beam distance of 265 meters. This rechargeable flashlight uses a High Color Rendering Index (90 CRI) LED for enhanced visualization under low light conditions, allowing users to see the color spectrum as they would in natural light. Encased in machined aircraft aluminum with a non-slip rubberized grip, the Stinger Color-Rite is 8.41″ long and weighs 12.4 oz. MSRP: From $204. For more info: (800) 523-7488,

Finisher Pro II Vest

Blocker Outdoors

The Finisher Pro II Turkey Vest comfortably manages your crucial hunting tools. The vest sports many customized pouches and pockets. A padded back makes leaning back into a tree less tedious. The vest is part of the Finisher Turkey Series from Blocker Outdoors. MSRP: $99. For more info:


Provoke EDC


The Provoke EDC from CRKT is described as the standard folding knife that’s anything but. It features a new plain-edge blade made from D2 steel for excellent edge retention and a lightweight aluminum handle that allows it to ride comfortably in a pocket. The Provoke EDC takes the Kinematic technology from the original Provoke karambit and applies it to a “standard” folding knife. MSRP: $175. For more info: (800) 891-3100,

Revolve Tactical Tripod

Avient Corp./Rolatube

Avient Corp. announced a successful collaboration with Rolatube to help develop the new Revolve Tactical Tripod. The tripod uses Polystrand composites from Avient. Instead of the usual telescoping configuration, the legs of the Revolve are made with Polystrand continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites that flattens and rolls for storage. With a rolled storage size of only 7″x6″, the Revolve packs up at one-third the size of traditional tripods and can be carried on a kit belt. For more info: (866) 737-2066,,


10/22 Extended Mag Can

MTM Case-Gard

MTM Case-Gard has developed a durable and safe storage and transport solution for high-capacity 10/22 magazines. The new 10/22 Extended Mag Can is made of a high-impact polymer for durability and long life. It includes an O-ring seal lid that resists water and keeps contents dry. Other features include dual snap latches, padlock tabs, a collapsible carry handle and a stackable lid. MSRP: $29.99. For more info: (800) 543-0548,

Velos LBP


SilencerCo announces the release of their new low back-pressure suppressor, the Velos LBP. It offers exceptional sound performance for the 5.56 caliber with minimized back pressure to host firearms. As a result, shooters will experience less gas blow-back. The suppressor was constructed using a 3D-printed Inconel 625 core fully welded to 17-4 Stainless Steel front and rear modules. Measuring 5.98″ long and weighing 15.2 oz., the Velos is durable, partially due to the Hoplon Blast Baffle that deflects debris. MSRP: $1,174. For more info: (801) 417-5384,

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