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Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holster

1791 Gunleather

The Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holster from 1791 Gunleather eliminates the need for matching your gun and light/laser combo with a specific holster. Featuring 1791 Gunleather’s patented Memory-Lok technology, the OWB holster allows for molding and re-molding for endless customization. Ultra-soft cowhide on the front and durable steer hide on the back plus a high sweat guard for added protection. An optic-cut can accommodate most pistol optics. MSRP: $99.99. For more info: (800) 407-1791,

Gunfighter Defender

Taylor’s & Company

Taylor’s & Company announces the addition of the Gunfighter Defender revolver to their Performance Series for 2022. The Gunfighter Defender possesses the original Gunfighter features and the lowered Runnin’ Iron hammer. Taylor’s installed the 1860 Army grip onto the new model cattleman frame to accommodate the larger handed shooter. This model features a case-hardened forged steel frame, blued steel parts, lowered hammer spur and a checkered Army-Size walnut grip. It is offered in .357 Mag and .45 LC, each with a 4.75″ and 5.5″ length. MSRP: $704.46 and $847.71 for tuned models. For more info: (540) 722-2017,

Seneca Dragonfly MK2

Air Venturi

The Seneca Dragonfly MK2 is equipped with Air Venturi’s patented Butterfly High Efficiency Pump System. This versatile, multi-pump pneumatic air rifle makes shooting fun and easy. The improved design allows pumping effort to remain consistent through the entire cycle for up to a 50% reduction in total pumping effort. Ideal for small game hunting or target shooting at the range. MSRP: $199.99. For more info: (216) 292-2570,


Elevated II and Subalpine Optifade Camouflage on Ridgeline and Ranger 22

Christensen Arms has partnered with W.L. Gore to use the Elevated II and Subalpine Optifade Camouflage on the Ridgeline and Ranger 22. The 6.3-lb. Ridgeline hunting rifle is offered in 20 chamberings and has a sporter carbon fiber composite gunstock plus a stainless-steel radial muzzle brake. Built for precision, the 5.1-lb. Ranger 22 features an aluminum receiver with a steel recoil lug insert, Christensen Arms carbon fiber tension barrel and more. MSRP: Ridgeline from $2,399 and $849.99 for the Ranger 22. For more info: (435) 633-4667,

Hellcat Pro

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory’s Hellcat Pro is a 9mm compact pistol in a smaller footprint than any other gun in its class. Optics ready and equipped with an accessory rail and hammer-forged barrel, this everyday carry pistol with an ergonomic, slim profile packs a 15+1 capacity with the flush-fitting magazine. MSRP: $600 to $699. For more info: (800) 680-6866,

Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L

Rock River Arms

Rock River Arms’ newest predator rifle, the Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L features lightweight, carbon fiber handguards. These reduce overall weight and incorporate the coyote paw prints found on all Fred Eichler Series handguards. The rifle incorporates a .223 Wylde Chamber for both 5.56mm and .223 ammo. Its 16″ lightweight fluted stainless-steel barrel with a 1:8 twist offers accuracy at long ranges and is cryogenically treated and bead blasted for a no-glare finish. MSRP: $1,945 and $2,010. For more info: (309) 792-5780,


KEYMOD Compatible Vertical Grip


TangoDown Inc. announces the release of the redesigned KEYMOD Vertical Grip (Part Number: BGV-KM2). It offers the same comfortable feel as the original but with a reduced footprint at the top to allow a higher grip closer to the handguard. The BGV-KM2 is compact and tough, with a lightweight injection molded shape. Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth. MSRP: $35.54. For more info: [email protected],

LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight

Henrich Technology Co. Ltd.

The LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight from Henrich Technology is a mini laser rangefinder with an OLED display. The display will show you the ranging distance of your target as well as other important data for your point of aim. With the LICOS Smart Red Dot Sight, your weapon will be easy to operate and your shooting more precise. MSRP: $599. For more info: [email protected],

Terra Cell Wireless Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations

Wildgame Innovations (WGI) expands its wireless camera technology with the Terra Cell Wireless Trail Camera. Offered with one of the lowest data plans on the market, it uses AT&T and Verizon network-certified hardware. It boasts 20MP and 16:9 format image capability and has textured polycarbonate housing. MSRP: About $120. For more info: (877) 269-8490,




The Heat-A-Seat from ThermaSeat provides low-maintenance warmth for all your outdoor adventures. For hunting and fishing trips that demand an added layer of protection between your bottom and the ground, stand, or boat, the Heat-A-Seat features premium Insulsoft closed-cell foam that’s warm, soft and durable. MSRP: $10.99. For more info: (603) 784-5671,

Sidewinder Stalk


Streamlight has launched the Sidewinder Stalk, a multi-function military helmet light system featuring multiple color LEDs, an Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon, a strobe feature and a flexible stalk for aiming light where it is needed. The light has several methods for mounting to helmets or MOLLE gear and operates from multiple power sources. It has variable color LEDs — white, IR, red, blue and green — all located in the head mounted on a flexible stalk. MSRP: $185 to $215 depending on the model. For more info: (800) 523-7488,

Armorers Block for AR Platforms

XS Sights

XS Sights introduces its Armorers Block for AR Platforms. Made from 6061 T6 aluminum, it is designed to allow gunsmiths or DIY enthusiasts to hold an AR-15/M4, AR-10, SR-25 or DPMS GII receiver in a bench-mounted vise to assemble, modify or maintain almost every AR pattern modern sporting rifle available. The XS Armorers Block allows the user to work on upper and lower receivers of almost any AR pattern rifle. MSRP: $83. For more info: (888) 744-4880,


S6 5-30x56 ED Line of Premium Riflescopes


SIGHTRON launches the S6 5-30×56 ED Line of Premium Riflescopes offering a new level of quality and performance with full-featured second focal plane (SFP) and first focal plane (FFP) models. The scopes use premium Japanese glass with Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) elements to enhance contrast, improve clarity and reduce chromatic aberration. The new optical design has fields-of-view at 100 yards with 74.4 ft. (5x)-12.4 ft. (30x) and a comfortable eye relief of 3.6″ to 3.4″. MSRP: $1,999.99. For more info: (919) 562-3000,

Elite Wilderness Pack System

ALPS OutdoorZ

ALPS OutdoorZ’s modular Elite Wilderness Pack System are for hunters who need a lightweight system that can reliably and comfortably haul meat and gear through adverse terrain and weather conditions. It can accommodate one of two Elite pack bags that use compression straps to secure to the frame over the top of the meat load. MSRP: $299.99 for the frame; $149.99 for the pack bags. For more info: (800) 344-2577,

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