Sure, Guns are Responsible

Recently, prosecutors in Chicago charged a suspect identified as Jalen Saulsberry in the slaying of retired Fire Department Lt. Dwain Williams in early December during a “botched carjacking,” according to CWB Chicago.

At the time, Saulsberry “was free on a recognizance bond for gun charges and for possessing a stolen motor vehicle.” He had been released back on Sept. 29 after being charged with “aggravated unlawful use of a weapon” and possession of the stolen car.

He’s got an interesting history, according to the published report. Back in 2019, he was convicted of three felonies as a juvenile, including possession of a stolen gun, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and carjacking.

Saulsberry was arrested in Pennsylvania Dec. 30 and extradited back to the Windy City. The fatal shooting was captured by security cameras.