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The Future of Optics is Here

My first experience with an electronic sight was a number of years ago. Back then, the generic buzz term for such products was “holographic sight” because it displayed a dot on a lens that was not projected like a laser, but rather was a visual reticle providing a point of aim. I mounted it on a single-shot H&R 1871 chambered in .308 Winchester and it worked rather well, although I never had a chance to score with it on a hunt. But off a sandbag rest, it was reliable.

As the saying goes, such sights have “come a long way, baby,” and recently, Meprolight announced the next evolutionary step in electronic sight development — the Mepro Foresight.

Mepro Foresight

Those familiar with Meprolight optics will immediately see the resemblance between the new Mepro Foresight and their RDS series of red dots. In fact, just one millimeter separates the Foresight and the RDS Pro V2 dimensionally, with the Foresight measuring 4.6″ long, 2.35″ wide and 2.68″ tall from the top of the viewing window. As for weight, the Foresight comes in slightly leaner at 9.9 oz.

But it’s not the aesthetics separating the Mepro Foresight from its predecessors and competition, it’s its features. Marketed as an “augmented red dot sight,” the optic projects real-time data to the shooter’s field of view, including reticle, sight leveler, compass and Bluetooth connectivity. A “shot counter” is also set to be added in a future software update.

Meant to be paired with an Android or Apple phone or tablet, the Mepro Foresight connects with Meprolight’s Double Shoot app to create profiles and update optic settings remotely. Multiple profiles can be created for multiple guns — including AR-style pistols, carbines and shotguns — each allowing shooters to set their zero and program up to five preferred reticles. More than 20 tactical reticle styles are currently available, with more to be added later. When in use, the shooter can choose how much or little information they want to accompany the reticle on the 33x20mm viewing window.

The Mepro Foresight is powered by a rechargeable battery by way of a common USB-C cable, so you can easily charge the 50-hour battery at home or on the way to the range. The Foresight also features a battery level indicator and an integrated light sensor that automatically determines reticle brightness between nine brightness settings. To further save energy, the optic will automatically shut-off when not in use and power on when ready to shoot.

And when ready to shoot, simply attached the Foresight to your Picatinny rail using its two quick-attach levers.

The Mepro Foresight will even zero your gun for you! Automatic Digital Zeroing is possible without touching the optic. Simply fire a group, record an image and supply it to the app and wait as the system “analyzes your mean point of impact and zeroes the weapon automatically.” Long story short, it does just about everything but reload the gun.

And with pricing around $699.99, I think I can manage doing that.

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