Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge


When you’re a firearms journalist, one of the standard tools of the trade is a trigger pull gauge. Measuring the exact trigger pull weight of a firearm is also important if you’re an armorer, a gunsmith or just dabbling in the black arts of “gun plumbing.” For my money, one of the best trigger pull gauges is the Lyman digital model.

After my old spring-loaded — and wildly inaccurate — gauge accidentally met its demise under a boot at the range, I acquired the Lyman model and instantly fell in love. Handling measurements on anything with a trigger pull measuring between 1 oz. to 12 lbs., it’s claimed to be accurate within 0.1 oz. at the low end of the scale. I don’t have the necessary test equipment to verify such claims but it does seem accurate when compared against factory specifications. Moreover, it’s versatile and very simple to use — even for a gun ’riter.

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