Secure Storage

If you go the firearm route, where are you going to store it? A safe is the most secure method for several reasons. Most states have some kind of law related to negligent storage of firearms. What this means is you can be held criminally liable if a child hurts themselves with your gun. Also, you don’t want to leave your gun unsecured while you are away from home in the event you are burglarized. The problem with a safe is they are usually slow to access in an emergency. The folks at Phoenix USA have solved this problem by creating the Gunlocker. This is a wall safe you mount between two standard studs in an interior wall of your home. Once mounted it fits flush with the wall and can easily be hidden by a picture or other wall decoration. The cool thing about the Gunlocker is the electronic lock. When you enter your code the door automatically swings out, presenting your handgun for easy access. A model is also available for long guns if desired, and there is room in either model for extra tools like a spare magazine and flashlight. The handgun model is so easy to install and convenient to have, you could put a couple throughout your house so a gun is always available, yet securely hidden.