Ray The Ghost Writer Takes Over

Such a major life change/challenge is what this is about. What does it take to keep a family in the field? Team work is a must, along with the right equipment. Most important, though, is attitude! Consider a quote from Susan to illustrate: “realistic expectations, and a redefined definition of success which may look different than your average hunter’s: time together in the great outdoors as a family.” Chris adds: “You can’t have your child hunting and fishing their whole life if you don’t start them early.”

The first learning adventure was ice fishing on Devils Lake, ND when Kaylee was 5 weeks old. The plan included a fish house, a heater and a plan kept frost bite away. On the 4th trip, pike larger than Kaylee were acquired. Kaylee seems to agree with me on ice fishing. It is boring — she slept most of the time. Next up: Susan’s first spring turkey hunting expedition to western North Dakota when Kaylee was 3 months old.