RAPiD Safe Ready Vault

What immediately got my attention was the vault’s quick-access capability thanks to Hornady’s patented RFiD Touch Free Access Technology.

While the safe can be opened via the digital keypad or backup mechanical key, four RFID tags are provided, including a key fob, phone decal and adjustable wristband. Whether you’re late for a range reservation or unexpectedly hear something go bump in the night, you can ensure easy access to your guns when you need them.

Next was its compact size. Measuring just 52.2" tall, 20" wide and 15.1" deep (not including the handle), the RAPiD Safe Ready Vault is small enough to fit into most closets or behind a bedroom door, and will most definitely fit in the basement or garage. It’s also short enough to easily throw a range bag on top and get ready for an afternoon of shooting.

Inside, the vault measures a slightly smaller: 51.8" tall by 19" wide by 12.7" deep. This may not sound like much space for your personal arsenal, but Hornady claims the RAPiD Safe Ready Vault can hold up to six long guns and 14 handguns, made possible by the metal interior peg wall organizational system and three adjustable racks with deep stand offs for optics.

Hunting and tactical long guns can be stored in a row along the vault’s back wall, while handguns can be stored between their barrels, on the interior walls or even on the inside of the right-swinging door with room for lights, dehumidifiers and other vault accessories — which Hornady also makes.