Holosun HE407K-GR X2 Self-Defense Pistol Optic

Going Green!

How many times have you anxiously awaited your traffic light to turn red? Likely zero.

Holosun’s HE407K has turned green, or rather its reticle has, setting a new standard for self-defensive pistol optics. This wavelength change supplements the 6 MOA reticle standard in the 407 series. Why does a color matter? Isn’t it just preference?

According to Holosun, “A green reticle appears brighter to the human eye than standard red at the same intensity.” Combined with a larger reticle and greater ability to be seen in daytime light conditions makes this new offering appealing for everyday carry.

A single 1632 battery powers the Super Green LED for up to 50,000 hours. Don’t worry, it’s not constantly on. A feature called “Shake Awake” sends the optic into a sleep mode when not in use, increasing the life and effectiveness of the battery.

What about fit and function? The HE407K is parallax free with unlimited eye relief and 2x magnification. Its small size (1.60” long, 0.98” wide, 0.95” tall) can be adapted to nearly any pistol size from compact to full size. At a single ounce, this optic offers efficiency and innovation far exceeding its physical weight.

This content is sponsored by Holosun.