The air tank has a maximum fill pressure of 250 BAR (3625 PSI) and features a built-in pressure gauge to monitor tank pressure and ensure you make every shot count. This is also a good time to mention Hatsan also sells TactAir compressors and tanks to make recharging your tank quick and easy so you can get back to shooting.

Chambered for .30 caliber pellets, the Blitz is gas-operated without the use of batteries and feeds from a detachable 16-round rotary SwingLoad magazine, of which two are provided. If my math is good, that’s a little more than six full magazines between charges, which could last minutes at the range to a weekend hunting in the woods depending on if you’re shooting semi- or full auto.

As for shooting the air rifle, the Blitz is set in a tactical all-weather synthetic stock featuring an integrated rubber pistol grip and adjustable butt stock with cheek rest and butt pad adjustments. Out here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, synthetic translates to “impervious” to changes in the weather — which are frequent.