In 2011 Sturm, Ruger joined the ranks of the 1911 manufacturers with their SR 1911. Ruger did just about everything right and shooters began waiting to see what would come next. Two years later the Ruger SR1911 Commander arrived. Although listed as a Commander, it is a Combat Commander. Once Ruger had both the 1911 and the Commander carried-out in stainless steel, the next step was an alloy-framed Commander. This cut 7 oz. off the weight of the stainless steel Commander. This may not sound like much but comparing them side-by-side, it feels like a significant amount and definitely does so when either one is carrying all day. The lightweight Ruger Commander has a polished titanium feed ramp; this cuts down on wear as cartridges enter the chamber. I mentioned the Ruger Commander specifically as it has proven to be an excellent performer.

In addition to the two versions of the Commander from Ruger I also have extensive experience with two other Custom Combat Commanders, one being from Jimmy Clark and the other the Wilson Professional, as well as my original Commander going back more than 50 years. When the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968 was announced we had no idea just what it would do. So, many of us went out and purchased whatever we could before it went into effect. I went to the closest gun store and found three Commanders chambered in .38 Super, 9mm and .45 ACP and bought all three. I had better sights installed on the .45 Commander and it has now been in service for over half a century with no problems whatsoever.