Hammer Strut Support


The diminutive size of the Hammer Strut Support fits in the palm of John’s friend Denis’s hand.
It is simple to install, and makes reassembly of Mk II and III Ruger semi-autos a snap.

Politically speaking, there is a deep division in this country which shows no signs of ever improving. Among shooters there is also a deep division which separates us into those who can strip down a Ruger .22 semi-automatic pistol and successfully put it back together again and those who cannot.

After nearly 70 years Ruger has addressed this issue with the Mark IV .22 semi-automatic featuring easy, push-button takedown. I have to admit I am in the fumble-fingered group who has a terrible time getting the pre-Mark IV pistols back together, so I welcomed the current models with open arms. But what about all the other millions of Ruger pistols out there of the old design? Shouldn’t someone come up with an easier way? Well, someone has and it is a simple solution to a vexing problem which has brought some of us to the brink of drink and not so gentle words.

HSS has come up with a well thought out simple little addition to the Ruger Mark II and Mark III semi-automatic pistols which makes re-assembly so much easier. This little gadget is relatively easily installed without special tools. It is called the Hammer Strut Support from a company of the same name. This little gadget is about 5/8-inch in length with a channel through the center.

To install, first remove the magazine and make sure the pistol is unloaded of course, then remove the mainspring assembly the normal way, remove the grips, and drive the cross pin in the backstrap almost all the way out. It may be loose enough to push out with a punch or it may require a few taps with a small mallet. Once this is accomplished, the Hammer Strut Support is placed in the backstrap in the proper position and then a small screwdriver can be used to push it into place. The pin is then re-tapped back in capturing the Hammer Strut Support. Now, when the mainspring assembly is re-installed the strut support prevents it from getting caught under the cross pin.

Installing the Hammer Strut Support requires a screwdriver to remove the grips, a pin punch
and small hammer to drive the backstrap cross pin out for installation, and several minutes

The Hammer Strut Support is made of steel and fits all Ruger Mark II and Mark III pistols except the .22/45 and also is not applicable to the Mark IV. It is easily installed, however, with my fingers which are mostly always numb I chose to have my friend Denis install it while I took pictures. Thus far it has been installed in a pair of stainless steel Mark II’s and a blue Mark III. It is not necessary to remove the bolt for installation. By the time Denis got to the third pistol it only took a couple minutes to remove the mainspring assembly, install the Hammer Strut Support, and reinstall the mainspring. The only tools needed were a steel punch to remove the cross pin, and a small screwdriver to remove the grips and also push the Hammer Strut Support into the proper position before re-installing the cross pin. It permits easy installation and allows the mainspring to be installed correctly and hassle-free all for $14.

HSS Corp.
480 Apostles Way
Santa Rosa Beach Florida 32459

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