CrossBreed Holsters: The Reckoning IWB


crossbreed holster

crossbreed holster

When CrossBreed Holsters recently announced it expanded its line of popular concealment holsters to add The Reckoning series, a lot of people paid attention.

This new addition combines leather and Kydex to create a carry rig that should quickly appeal to today’s armed citizen. The holster blends the two materials together with dual integrated retention systems to prevent the sidearm from falling out or being snatched.

According to CrossBreed, The Reckoning holster uses “Chicago-style screws to secure the Kydex pocket to the leather backing.” This allows users to adjust the tension between the leather backing and the Kydex to securely hold the pistol in place.

The second retention device is a passive retention system positioned beneath the trigger guard. The tension is also adjustable, and is directed against the trigger guard, so anyone using this holster can literally tailor the tension to their personal preferences and needs.

Crossbreed Holster

Crossbreed Holster

What got my attention is The Reckoning is available in a variety of leather options, including black cowhide or Founder’s Series vegetable-tanned leather, which has more of a natural tan/light brown appearance. I like the “two-tone” appearance for some reason; it just has that look, which probably means nothing because when this holster is properly carried, nobody ever sees it.

The Reckoning is an interesting holster because it can be carried either inside or outside the waistband thanks to an OWB clip kit that comes with the rig so it can be converted quickly. For inside-the-waistband carry, The Reckoning may be worn in several positions: strong side, appendix and even cross draw.

Combining leather and molded Kydex is an interesting idea, because the Kydex never loses its shape and the leather backing can actually “marry” itself to the form of the user’s body. If a holster is comfortable, you’ll be inclined to carry it more and it essentially becomes part of your basic wardrobe.

Crossbreed Holster

Crossbreed Holster

The Reckoning is available for handgun models including SIG SAUER, GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Walther PPS, Springfield XD, Ruger and the Model 1911. The company says more models are on the horizon.

CrossBreed’s The Reckoning comes with a lifetime guarantee and the same two-week “Try it Free” guarantee offered on all of its other holsters.

I have some experience with CrossBreed’s products. The open top pancake-type holster is all leather and tough as nails. It has a matte brown finish, features recessed stitching and is available for right- or left-hand draws.

It’s got a reinforcing strip at the top of the holster, and it can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions. Of course, when properly worn, it’s covered up and invisible to the naked eye. But it’s a proven design that fits right in with the CrossBreed philosophy of durability and practical good looks.

For more info: CrossBreed Holsters
Ph: (888) 732-5011

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