VentureGear Drop Zone Glasses


Photo Courtesy Full Throttle Communications

Interchangeable lenses in various colors aren’t new or incredibly unique. Switching them out can be a pain until you get used to it — bending and pushing all while trying not to crack or scratch a lens. The Drop Zone Kit from VentureGear features the most unique lens changing system I’ve ever seen. The Drop Zone glasses do not have an overarching frame but a large lens and two temple pieces. Both sides of the “frame” twist off the lens leaving you with three parts.


The temple pieces twist then pop off each side of the lens frame.

The nosepiece is a bit trickier to remove without smudging the lens, but the kit comes with a cleaning cloth for this purpose. Included in the kit are four interchangeable lenses (clear, orange, vermilion and smoke green), a single nosepiece, frame, and cleaning cloth, all encased in a crush-resistant case. The lenses come equipped with H2X anti-fog technology and pass MIL-PRF 32432 High Velocity Impact Standards. The various lenses provide different levels of protection from different light sources. All provide at least 99% protection from UVA/UVB waves.

MSRP: $36.95