SnapSafe GlideVault

In-Home Security Meets Modern Styling
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The new SnapSafe GlideVault was designed for homeowners seeking a discreet, secure storage solution for firearms and other valuables. It features a tough steel exterior, tempered glass touchpad, and spring-assisted slide-out drawer to protect valuables and offer quick user access.

The GlideVault comfortably fits two to three pistols and ammo or a combination of other valuables. Items stored inside are protected by a 16-gauge steel exterior housing, pry-resistant door and two internal hardened locking lugs. It can be permanently installed using pre-drilled mounting holes or anchors to any stationery objects using the included five-foot cable.

It measures 15.9″ wide, 12.2″ deep and 4.4″ high, and weighs in at 26 lbs., making it perfect to tuck into small spaces like a closet shelf or desk cabinet. But, its modern styling means you don’t have to hide it unless you want to.  The light-grey powder-coated finish and black tempered glass door match any decor and are the perfect facades for this unassuming safe.

The Walther PDP F-Series and SIG SAUER P365X fit comfortably inside the SnapSafe® GlideVault™ with room leftover for magazines and other small valuables.

Set up is quick and easy. Pop in four AAA batteries (not included) and the GlideVault’s electronic touchpad can be programmed in seconds by entering a four to six-digit code of your choice. A barrel key and micro-USB port provide backup access.

The spring-assisted slide-out drawer provides rapid, convenient access to what’s inside. The drawer includes a protective mat to safeguard its contents. by entering a four to six-digit entry code. Silent mode allows quiet access without drawing attention.

The GlideVault is the newest product from SnapSafe, a leader in building innovative security solutions, with an MSRP of $291.99. Learn more at