Pelican iM3300 Storm Long Case



Terrified. As much as I’ve traveled in my short lifetime, I’ve only ever transported a rifle in a car. Nearly seven years into my high power service rifle shooting career, I finally decided to shoot my first match out of state.

I contemplated shipping my competition rifle, but with recent experiences I’ve had with various shipping companies, I decided it was too risky and expensive. Some research revealed I could check a rifle case as a checked bag without oversized fees — as long as the item remained under a certain weight limit, in this case, 50 pounds.


My soft-sided gun-case I typically sling over my shoulder wasn’t going to be enough to protect my gun — one not easily replaced. I’ve heard about Pelican cases for years, but never had the opportunity to try one myself. Any other hard cases I’ve owned would crack under extreme pressure. After some research, I decided the iM3300 Storm Long Case would be the best fit. I needed to be able to transport a scoped AR-15 or a Palma rifle with a 30-inch barrel — not all cases have enough room for this. The interior of the iM3300 measures 50.5″ x 14″ x 6.” I managed to fit not only my service rifle, sling, six boxes of ammunition and five magazines inside, but three pistols as well. I did have to remove one layer of foam to fit the items in the case, but was able to store flat items, like magazines, in layers. The bottom of the case still retained two pieces of foam after I removed one. With all pieces of foam, the case weighed 23 pounds empty. It has two ergonomic handles – one on the side and one on the top of the case for easy carry. Wheels on the base of the case make transportation even easier. The real advantage, besides the sturdy HPX resin, are the six press and pull latches. In order to release each one, I needed to apply slight pressure to the center and lift up. This prevented the latches from coming open on their own or with light pressure. Four padlock able hasps along the long side of the case made for extra security. An included Vortex Valve prevents vacuum lock, automatically releasing pressure so you can open your case even after extreme altitude changes. A microscopic filter inside blocks water and dust.


I can confirm this product lives up to Pelican’s reputation. My rifle and gear arrived unscathed after braving a world of careless baggage handlers. I’m no longer worried about damage to my gun while flying, though tracking it down after landing can still be a bit of a challenge.

Pelican has lighter models and a range of options for all different types of guns and gear. Even better, this case comes in black and OD green, is made in the U.S. and guaranteed for life. At an MSRP of $296.95, there are many less expensive options out there, but in my opinion, this case is worth the investment for security and peace of mind.