Otis Technologies AR Elite Range Box

All-In-One Cleaning Kit
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Some take meticulous care of their firearms, others do not. Regardless of which category you fall into, all AR owners need to clean their firearm semi-regularly lest it begin malfunctioning. Cleaning may seem a mundane task and topic, but discerning shooters take it seriously. To appeal to this market, Otis Technologies has released the AR Elite Range Box, an all-in-one cleaning kit including tools to scrape and remove fouling from hard-to-reach areas as well as their signature Ripcord for quick cleaning. While Q-tips and paper towels are great, they just don’t cut it when it comes to properly maintaining an AR bolt. For these purposes, Otis’s BONE and Star Chamber tool are included.


At first glance, it seems simple. Throw your cleaning supplies in a bag (“redneck-style” as someone once told me) or an ammo can and call it a day. Then the fun begins – finding a suitable place to set up. Most of the time, this is no problem. Once you add travel, competitions, and lack of space…things get interesting to say the least. I for one, hate cleaning guns on the floor.


The AR Elite Range Box solves this problem with a built-in vise. Adjustable forks hold your rifle during cleaning and a bench block to prevents damage to your firearm during disassembly.  I haven’t tried it, but I will admit I’m jealous of the one-stop shop and portability. With 40 components inside, I wonder where they all fit!


MSRP: $299.99