Nukem Grab & Go Hunting Blind

In TrueTimber HTC Green
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It’s the opening day of spring turkey season for my game zone in South Carolina! While I didn’t come home from this morning’s hunt with a longbeard, I did get the chance to finally put the Nukem Grab & Go XL Hunting Blind to good use. You may recall I shared this portable, lightweight blind in a First Look video back in December, but in case you missed it, here are some of the key features that I love.

First and foremost, the Nukem Grab & Go Hunting Blind is made by a family-owned company out of Western North Carolina. A lifelong hunter, creator Pat Newcomb and his family have been using the Nukem Hunting Blind to hunt turkey for years but recently decided to improve and now patent his custom design so it could be shared with other hunters.

The Grab & Go Blind comes in two sizes — one for hunting from the ground and the larger XL variation to accommodate a chair. However, the height on either model is adjustable by simply opening it up a little bit more versus standing it up to the full height. Hunters can choose from four concealment patterns: Mossy Oak New Bottomland, Mossy Oak Obsession, TrueTimber Strata and TrueTimber HTC Green (which is what you can see in the video).

The standard size extends to over 7 feet wide with an adjustable height of 45-53 inches. The poles collapse and fold the blind to 32 inches. The XL is slightly large, extending to over 9 feet wide to allow for two hunters. It offers adjustable height of 45-60 inches and collapses down to 38 inches.

Both sizes weigh in at only 3.5 pounds and come with a carrying case and adjustable shoulder strap, which for someone vertically challenged like me (5’3″ on a good day) are all important features. I had no trouble setting up, taking down or moving the Grab & Go Blind while trying to call in a bird from different locations. Finally, a hunting blind that’s actually as lightweight and portable as it claims to be!

Price: $109.99-$129.99