Hawke Endurance 1000 Laser Range Finder

Waterproof and Portable

It’s amazing how quickly something you never thought you needed can become a necessity. A rangefinder was never a staple for me. I either knew exactly what distances I would be shooting at, or didn’t care. I wasn’t used to people asking me how far I shot the pistol in the backyard from, just what it was that I was shooting, and if I hit it.

More recently I had found myself pacing. Attempting to measure out distances one foot in front of the other. This was by no means an exact science, as I do not have a 12″ foot to measure by. The Endurance 1000 laser range finder from Hawke Optics has changed this for me. It has seen the most use at short distances thus far, helping me to set up a shooting table 10 yards from a pistol target or 50 yards for sighting in a .22 LR rifle.

A single button turns on the OLED display, which has an automatic shut off to preserve battery. At 6 oz., the unit is incredibly light, so light in fact I at first wondered if there were any internal electronics. There are five modes: distance, horizontal distance, angle compensation, rain and hunt. With 6x magnification, you have a wide field of view. Center the object or point you wish to range in the center circle then press the button. Ergonomically designed, it rests just under your index finger.

Hawke asserts its accuracy is to 3.12 feet and it is effective from distances of 5 – 1000 meters (5.5 to 1,094 yards). Waterproof and compact, I look forward to using this device during hunting season to properly gauge distance. It also serves as a way to practice judging distance with the naked eye — making estimates and verifying them.

MSRP: $299