Tulster Holster for Springfield Hellcat

New and available now

Since getting my Hellcat it’s become my “Everyday Carry” gun and lives in a pocket holster or at my waist all the time. The new Profile Holster by Tulster looks like it’s a perfect match for this lightweight powerhouse. It’s an AIWB rig (stands for Appendix Insider the Waistband) and even comes with adjustable tension for gun retention. It’s got a 0-15 degree cant adjustment, undercut trigger guard, sweat shield, very comfy rounded edges and just uses enough material to get the job done — which I like, since lightweight is critical.

Paired with their Double Stack 9/40 Echo Mag Carrier, you can have 27 rounds of 9mm on-hand if things go South on you. At about $60 for the holster and about $35 for the mag carrier, their workmanship and design (and choice of cool colors!) make them great value. A definite “Insider Tip” for you!

For more info: www.tulster.com


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