Firebird Pyrotechnic Targets

Shock and awe at the Range

Did you hit it? Firebird takes all the ambiguity out of the answer. Photo: Firebird

Reactive targets have been around for a while. Typically, they require a spot of mixing along with a high-velocity rifle to ensure dramatic detonation. Once the ingredients — usually binary — are mixed, you have to go ahead and shoot them, otherwise they should be stored in an approved explosives magazine. Additionally, stuff the mixture inside anything substantial and they become quite dangerous.

The subsequent manly thump downrange — combined with voluminous white smoke — will reliably start a party anyplace two or more gun nerds are gathered. However, Firebird Pyrotechnic Targets now offers something easier and safer to use while retaining all of the Wow Factor.

Firebird injects pyrotechnic thrills into ho-hum plinking.

A Firebird target on plywood excises almost all of the noise but the fire, flash and smoke will still make you giggle.

Backstop impact: The two left targets were affixed to soft plywood while the two shattered examples exploded on steel.

Slap one onto something steel and the result is legitimately spectacular — hurt your ears, rattle the windows, scare the dog loud. However, affix it to something a bit softer like plywood, and all you get is a bright flash and a lot of smoke. By altering the backstop you can tweak the report so little kids or neophyte shooters can know when they connect without inducing a flinch.

These things also fit onto the bottom of a standard clay pigeon. Shooting at flying exploding targets will reliably bring out your inner WWII anti-aircraft gunner. The sundry applications for these marvelous items are limited solely by your imagination.

You can use Firebird targets anyplace without nearby fire hazards and add some serious spice to any ballistic outing. Precision shooters will enjoy the positive reinforcement coming from a proper flash and bang a kilometer distant. Tactical handgunners will dig the raucous feedback at more modest ranges.

Kids, of course, will just go in for the fireworks. Anything from a Cricket bolt action running .22 Shorts to a heavy-barrel sniper rig will reliably bring on the excitement.</a

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