Force X2

Traditionally, 00 and #4 buckshot have been the go-to loads for defense shotguns, offering a tight shot pattern with powerful energy transfer. However, I’ve personally fired a few rounds where pellets over-penetrate clear through multiple layers of drywall, ruining the day/night of the intended target and potentially anyone or thing on the other side. It’s this threat Federal attempted to eliminate with Force X2.

Available in a 12-ga. 2 3/4" shotshell, Force X2 shotshells hold a load of nine 00 copper-plated, segmenting pellets — each engineered to split into two equal-sized pieces on impact.

Crafted with a “hinge” on one side of the pellet, each pellet is designed to spread open and split upon hitting a target, forming 18 individual wound channels. In addition to creating additional internal damage, these wound channels increase the transfer of energy from the payload to the target while slowing the projectiles down, further minimizing the potential for over-penetration.