Farm Grade Targets


Target hangers from the Electric Fence Light Company are the very image of simplicity.

Anything from a .22 to a .308 rings these two targets like Big Ben. The instant feedback
makes for better training, and, so long as it is not abused, this rig should last for years.

I once leveled an M16, squeezed the trigger, and bounced a GI-issue 5.56mm round off the top of my head. Once I regained my senses I came to appreciate that steel angle stock makes for a poor target post, and that an M16 round still retains quite a lot of energy even after rebounding off a piece of steel. Now the Electric Fence Light Company offers an inspired gadget with which to build target frames both safe and rugged.

These patented target holders slip over the top of any standard T-post and allow you to mount a piece of pressure-treated lumber from which to hang your targets. Fasten your lumber to the bracket with screws, and your target frame supports up to 300 pounds. I used a low-cost landscaping timber and suspended an inexpensive round plate from AR500 Armor alongside a discarded CO2 tank. Both targets ring like church bells when struck solidly with gunfire. These brackets ensure the rig remains robust, weatherproof and safe.

By facing the spine of the T-post toward the firing line there is literally no possibility of the sorts of ricochets that so nearly dispatched back in the day. So long as you don’t let your rounds wander too far off your targets these brilliant rascals should last about forever. Test fit them over the top before mounting your lumber to make sure you didn’t overly deform your T-posts while hammering and you are good to go.

These brackets will run you $15.99 for a package of three. The practical applications for other stuff like hunting blinds and primitive shelters are limited solely by your imagination.

Electric Fence Light
(615) 476-6128

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