The Size To Power Ratio

I’ve been packing the Ruger LCP380 with the Crimson Trace Laserguard for those “around the house” duties. With six rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber — and packing it in the Elite Survival 1-L pocket holster or the Galco Stow-N-Go Clip-On IWB rig — it’s just a little bit of gun but enough to start the fight. With it, I don’t have to stay in one place and plant my feet. I can work to the secure area for the “ready guns” or to the shop for the bigger artillery.

Having taken this LCP380 to the range recently — you do shoot your defensive arms, don’t you? — I was surprised by the bark and squirm of the little cannon. So out came the GLOCK 42 .380 with the its Crimson Trace Laserguard. Still having the 6+1 capacity, it’s easier by far to connect with quickly. Still, either will work. If you have considerable issues with arthritis or other medical problems that keep you away from a compact 9mm or .38 revolver, the Ruger LC380 is an outstanding choice. It’s easily charged from a loaded magazine and is very easy to handle. And it recoils less than the smaller LCP380.

What fits for you? Examine your physical layout, including security, the nature of your location and proxemics — distance to points-of-entry from your likely location within the house. Don’t just accept my plan or the long gun plan — and especially not the “hide guns around the house” plan — without thinking it through.