Armed Citizen Stops Robbery

Earlier this week, the surviving member of a teen duo that allegedly tried to rob a convenience store only to encounter an armed citizen was supposed to appear in a North Carolina courtroom to face charges.

According to WSOC News in Charlotte, 17-year-old Brenna Harris and the late Qwanterrius Stafford, 16, entered a 7-Eleven apparently to rob the place during the 4 a.m. incident.

But an armed customer reportedly “perceived a lethal threat,” according to WJBF and shot them both. Stafford died later at a hospital, but Harris was only wounded.

The WSOC report noted, “the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said the shooting started after Stafford and another teenage suspect, Harris, entered the gas station, wearing masks and armed with a gun, and went after a customer in the store, demanding belongings.

“Officials said the customer felt a deadly threat after one of the teen suspects pointed a gun in his face and robbed him,” the report added. “Police said that customer then fired his own legally carried weapon, hitting both suspects.”