SK Customs Introduces "The Emperor" Colt 1911 in .38 Super

Limited Bicentennial Edition

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence SK Customs is producing “The Emperor” in a limited run of 200. “The Emperor” anniversary production is the first in SK’s Mexican War of Independence Series, set to honor the war fought for 11 years and 11 days that concluded September 27, 1821.

The full-size Colt 1911 in .38 Super, each with an engraved edition number and accompanied by a replica of Mexico’s Declaration of Independence, tells the story of Agustín De Iturbide. Iturbide was a Commanding General and Conservative Politian who led Ejército Trigarante or Ejército de las Tres Garantías (Translation: The Army of the Three Guarantees) to victory against the Spanish. He was the first to sign Mexico’s Declaration of Independence and was later proclaimed First President of the Regency and First Emperor of Mexico.

The left side of the gun’s slide features a custom scroll pattern and depiction of Iturbide leading the Army of the Three Guarantees into Mexico City. The shield of the House of Iturbide lies behind the slide’s rear serration with “Ejercito Imperial de las Tres Garantias” (Translation: Imperial Army of the Three Guarantees), etched beneath the art.

Each pistol’s unique edition number is engraved on the right rear panel alongside the Imperial Crown of Mexico. Custom scrollwork leads the observer to the eagle on the coat of arms and the likeness of various artillery used during the war.

A portrait of Iturbide himself adorns the top of the slide. “Agustin De Mexico” is engraved around the ejection point. In front of the rear sight lies a depiction of the original bell used to sound the call to arms that triggered the war.

The frame, slide, barrel and hardware are all high polished with silver plating in select areas and Pearlite grips. “The Emperor” is scheduled to ship October 2021. Reserve yours at The Emperor – SK Arms VA.