RCBS Brass Boss Case Preparation Center

Variable Speed and Interchangeable Tools!

I always dreaded using fully manual tools for preparing resized and trimmed brass. After 50 rounds your hands are aching and your fingers frozen at unnatural angles.

Enter the RCBS Brass Boss. This compact unit has six variable high-speed rotating stations, four <350 rpm, two <550 rpm. It comes with eight tools you can interchange in the six stations.

• Inside VLD Chamfering Tool
• Outside Deburring Tool
• Small and Large Primer Pocket Cleaner
• Small and Large Military Crimp Remover
• Small and Large Primer Pocket Uniformer

It also comes with four case neck brushes in varying diameters and a small tub of dry case neck lubricant. These sit stationary on the back of the unit. The power supply plugs into the back; it is not permanently attached. I greatly appreciate this as I keep the power supply plugged in and the cord along the back of my reloading bench. When I am ready to use the Brass Boss, I take it from its storage location and plug it in. This keeps my bench clear and changing between tasks simple and easy.

A knob on the back adjusts the speed of the tools. I must admit it’s enjoyable watching the brass shavings pile up. The human eye doesn’t recognize how much excess there really is. My unit from Brownells has seen the most use in removing military crimps. A friend gave me approximately 1,000 once-fired .223 cases, but before I could reload them, I needed to remove the military crimp on each and every one. The Brass Boss greatly expedited this process and was simple and easy to use.

MSRP: $206.99

Available at Brownells.