Not to criticize the factory grip panels, but they are hollow while the G10 replacements are solid back to front.

Soon as I read about them, I fired off an order and days later — in plenty of time for me to slap them on prior to the opening weekend of deer season in my home state of Washington — they arrived. Call it incredible timing because an unseasonable cold front brought snow to where I was hunting. If anything was going to prove if these grips are made of stout stuff that was it.

There are two versions of the new G10 Pachmayrs for the Mark IV, the Grappler and the Checkered. I got a set of the checkered grips because I know what Northwest winters are like: Damp, nasty and unforgiving. I’m happy to report these new Pachmayrs didn’t disappoint.

A close look shows Pachmayr designers put a fair amount of thought into their G10 models. They are checkered and inletted for a perfect fit and secure hold. Since a .22 pistol with a target barrel doesn’t recoil a bit, my only concern about holding on is that in wet weather, some pistol grips can get kind of slippery. Not so with these.