Meopta’s New Optika6 Scopes Look Like Winners

Good Optics Are Crucial To Your Hunting Success


When we had younger eyes capable of spotting game at a glance toward the far side of a canyon or valley, topping a rifle with a telescopic sight just didn’t seem too important, but an interesting thing happened on the way to where we are today.

A good scope suddenly became a crackerjack idea as our eyesight began to age and in January, Meopta USA Sport Optics announced a new line of premium riflescopes dubbed the Optika6 series. They’re worth a serious look … at and through. Meopta has been producing quality optics for decades. They know what they’re doing.

In announcing the Optika6 series earlier this year, Meopta USA Sport Optics Director Randy Garrison commented, “Our goal is to deliver premium, European-quality optics to hunters and shooters at exceptional price points.” 

“The Optika6 line of riflescopes does just that,” he observed, “while continuing to deliver the excellent low-light performance and optical clarity that has become synonymous with the Meopta brand. We have differentiated our Shooting and Hunting lines to make it easier for consumers to pick the scope that’s right for them, but obviously some hunters will find the first-focal-plane Shooting models more versatile, just as many target shooters will take our second-focal-plane Hunting series to the range.”

Having had the opportunity over several decades of putting bullets in things with horns and cloven hooves, I’ve learned a couple of things about riflescopes. It’s my humble opinion the most important consideration before plunking down a wad of cash for a new riflescope is it provides a sharp image from edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom.

It must have a decent, user-friendly reticle, be capable of stacking up to any challenge in any terrain, and under any conditions. You’re not going to find this with some $39 off-brand on special by the local sporting goods store just to be rid of it.

Check out the features of any new riflescope under consideration and it looks like the Optika6 series was designed by people who know what hunters and shooters need.

Right up front, these new Meopta models are all built on one-piece 30mm tubes crafted from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. They feature 6X zoom, which may not seem important now, but come October or November, when getting the most out of less-than-ideal conditions will mean the difference between a notched tag and one tossed in the campfire will definitely be paramount.

There’s a good selection of reticle options including Meopta’s DichroTech reticle featuring battery-free illumination under any light condition. These scopes have locking zero-reset turrets and, according to Meopta literature, advanced MeoBright lens coatings delivering the sharpness we’re all looking for.

Meopta Scope

Meopta Scope

The Optika6 Models Cover Lots Of Bases

The Optika6 Shooting series scopes include a 1-6x24mm, a 3-18x50mm, 3-18x56mm and a 4.5-27x50mm with numerous first focal plane reticle options. For the fanatic long-range shooter, there’s a 5-30x56mm scope built on a 34mm main tube featuring ED glass designed to eliminate chromatic aberration at high magnification.

“Chromatic…what?” In layman’s terms, this is known as “color fringing.” It’s essentially a bum image one gets when a lens can’t bring all the different wavelengths of color together. It just seems out of focus.

All Shooting series scopes feature rubber armor coating on the large turrets.

The Optika6 Hunting series is available with assorted reticle options in the second focal plane, including the DichroTech reticles. You’ve got the choice of scopes in the 1-6x24mm, 2.5-15x44mm, 3-18x50mm, 3-18x56mm and a 4.5-27x50mm.  They all have capped turrets with rubber-armored metal caps.

Those big objective lenses will pull in every bit of available light — no small consideration for people who hunt the critical hours of daybreak and dusk.

According to Meopta, the Optika6 Shooting and Hunting scopes can be had with windage and elevation adjustments in either MOA or Mil.

Each of these scopes offers a zoom ring with multi-position throw lever. Zoom displays face to the rear so they can be seen from behind the scope.

And they’re not priced to put you in the poor house, either. According to Meopta, MSRP ranges from $499 to $899, depending upon the model.

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