If You Like The 1911, You Just Might Love The Tomasie Custom

Using the R1 Platform, Remington And Their
Team Captain Have Developed A Dandy

Remington 1911 R1 Tomasie Custom is loaded with features from front to rear.

For years, I didn’t care for the Model 1911 pistol for a combination of reasons. The specimens I had a chance to fire as a much younger fellow weren’t very comfortable in my hand, as they had curved mainspring housings, and a couple were just not terribly accurate.

Eventually I sampled a couple of pistols with flat mainspring housings with better sights, tighter rail-to-rail fit, tight bushings and decent triggers. Suddenly, the 1911 platform became all Jeff Cooper said it could be. I now own, shall we say, more than one variation — all chambered for the reliable .45 ACP — and I’ve managed to keep tin cans rolling around in a pit, broken chunks of clay disks at 25 yards or better and worked up a couple of handloads that make “Ol’ Slabsides” perk.

It’s possibly the most tricked-out handgun on the planet. The pistol has become a mainstay in competition, and a lot of lawmen carry them simply because a design that’s been around for more than a century, helped win a couple of world wars and seen a lot of the world’s nastiness has their confidence.

So, what happens when handgun designers get their heads together with a handgun champion? Something wonderful, perhaps even irresistible, to people who know a good sidearm at first glance all the way through the last shot.

Enter the Remington 1911 R1 Tomasie Custom, the result of collaboration between the company and Travis Tomasie, captain of Team Remington World and a national shooting champion.

Travis Tomasie runs the custom pistol through its paces, shown here at discharge
(notice the muzzle flash). Photos: Remington, Travis Tomasie

Shown from the left front, Tomasie takes aim one-handed, showing top shooting form.
Photos: Remington, Travis Tomasie

This pistol is what one of my old friends calls “eye candy.” And here’s a surprise: It’s chambered for the potent .40 S&W, not the .45. From personal experience, the .40-caliber is a hard-hitting round known to stop fights permanently. It is accurate and reliable.

The 1911 R1 Tomasie Custom is, according to a statement from the man, himself, “an exact reproduction of my competition handgun.” It’s got a double-stack magazine holding 18 rounds. The match grade bull barrel length is 5″ and it is cut with a 1:16″ rifling twist. The grip panels are machined G10 VZ textured operator grips, and the pistol has an ambidextrous thumb safety. The beavertail grip safety has a bum — a feature almost mandatory among today’s 1911 shooters — and the match grade trigger is adjustable from 3.5 to 5 pounds. The front strap is checkered and the mag well is oversized for quick reloads.

It’s got a skeleton hammer, fully adjustable LPA rear target sight, fiber optic front sight dovetailed into the slide, and there are cocking serrations fore and aft. The slide is ported and wears a PVD coating. The frame material is stainless steel, and this beefy handgun hits the scales at 41 oz.

Because the pistol is chambered for the .40 S&W, it meets Major Power Factor scoring requirements under the United States Practical Shooting Association and International Practical Shooting Federation rules. Tomasie personally inspects each of these pistols, including the test firing.

The Remington 1911 R1 Tomasie Custom has an MSRP of $1,650.

For more info:
Ph: (800) 243-9700