Exclusive Rifles Honor Iwo Jima Flag-Raiser Harold “Pie” Keller

Henry Repeating Arms Limited Edition Sold Exclusively by Brownell's
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Cpl. Harold "Pie" Keller, right, shakes hands with Sgt. Howard Snyder (KIA), left, as they stand on the rim of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima between the first and second flag raisings on February 23rd, 1945 (Official Army photo, courtesy of Pfc. George Burns, George Burns Collection, U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center).

Imagine going unrecognized for 74 years. We’ve all seen it — the famed photo of six Marines hoisting the American flag on top of Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal captured the image February 23, 1945. Since that time, it’s been immortalized on posters, postcards, literature and in 3D at the National Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, D.C.

One of these men went 74 years without recognition, identified October 2019 as Harold “Pie” Keller of Brooklyn, Iowa. Henry Repeating Arms and Brownells, Inc. have teamed up to amend this and help honor Keller by partly funding a monument in his hometown.

The Brooklyn Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is leading the effort, with $17,000 left to raise for the memorial. Henry Repeating Arms crafted a limited-edition series of 100 Golden Boy Pie Keller Memorial Edition rifles (Model #H004PKM) sold exclusively through Brownells in their Grinnell, Iowa retail store and online. In honor of Flag Day, sales begin June 14, starting with an online auction on Gunbroker.com for serial no. 1 (#902646486). Henry Repeating Arms is donating $50 for each gun sold and all proceeds from the online auction.


Henry Repeating Arms created a limited-edition series of 100 Golden Boy “Pie Keller Memorial” Edition .22 rifles to raise funds for the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s mission of erecting a memorial in Pie’s hometown of Brooklyn, IA.

The memorial rifle features a custom engraved American walnut buttstock showing Keller at the summit of Mount Suribachi, rifle in hand. His fellow Marines are in the background, lifting the American flag as in Rosenthal’s immortal image. February 23, 1945 is etched above the design with a scroll banner bellow containing Keller’s name. This rifle, built on the Golden Boy platform, is a .22 featuring a Brasslite receiver cover, barrel band and buttplate with a 20″ blued steel octagon barrel. MSRP: $744

“The fact that ‘Pie’ was misidentified for over 76 years is a testament to the man’s humility,” said Anthony Imperato, President and Owner of Henry Repeating Arms. “He never came forward as one of the flag-raisers, not even to his kids, and I look forward to visiting the memorial to pay my respects to this incredible man in person.”

“We are honored to recognize a true hometown hero who made history by raising the American flag on the island of Iwo Jima more than 75 years ago,” said Pete Brownell, Chairman of Brownells. “The image of the flag-raising has become a symbol of valor and unity in the United States. It’s fitting to have ‘Pie’ Keller’s heroics memorialized on another American icon, the Henry rifle, as it benefits a new memorial to Brooklyn, Iowa’s hometown hero.”