Taurus Model 66

A Four-Inch Barreled .357 for Self Defense

“Haven’t I seen you around here before?”

… is almost as bad a pickup line as “What’s your sign?” Not that I would know. But I have to admit, those very lines came to mind when I picked up this Taurus Model 66 in .357 Magnum.

Four-inch barreled .357 Magnum revolvers are likely not the first guns you think of for concealed carry. After all, they’re old school has-been’s — carried by a long-ago generation of police officers. Compared to modern service pistols, they’re heavy, low-capacity, slow-loading monoliths best relegated to the history books and backcountry plinking, right?

Except … many revolver makers carry some variant of this gun. And while one particular gun company may seem to own the category of four-inch barreled .357’s, the Taurus 66 you see here clearly demonstrates this category is indeed alive and well. And, by the way, these are great self-defense guns. Home, truck, and even concealed.

Anyway, lots of familiar features here. You’ll recognize stainless steel but Taurus puts a matte finish on this one. Also familiar: rubber grips. As for weight, heavy! The Model 66 tips the scale at 38 ounces (although it handles deftly). And there’s a familiar sight picture — the fixed front sight with an orange marker along with an adjustable rear sight.

Same good looks and, perhaps surprising to some, a very smooth trigger in both double action and single action modes.

The Taurus Model 66 holds seven rounds of .357 Magnum. Three pair, one spare. Other revolvers offer this feature, too, so it’s not exclusive to the 66. It’s just worth mentioning on a revolver bearing such strong resemblance to others out there. And, retailing for $651.93, the 66 is worth a closer look.

Stand by while I take this one out on a date to the range and then some civilian concealed carry. Don’t worry; there’ll be no more pickup lines. After all, I already know her sign. Taurus.