Looking to get just the right gift for the father in your life? Is he a handy guy who likes to tinker on projects and gets a huge kick out of building or fixing something with his own hands? Then the following Top 10 Dad’s Day DIY Gift Guide is just what you need. Take a look at our 10 picks of some of the best Father’s Day gift selections for the handy guy in your life!

Stippling Kit

OT Defense is a small veteran-owned start-up offering kits so you can stipple your own gun. It’s a fun, simple way to add some serious “grip” to your polymer pistol frame, customizing it at the same time. This is their “fancy” kit, and it comes with everything you would ever need, including practice panels. It’s made in the USA and contains every single tip they make. I say start big and end big! Share the cost with some buddies and everyone can give it a try — $192.99 with a 30-watt burner. There are lower priced starter kits too if you don’t want to share.
For more info: www.otdefense.com, Ph: (541) 566-6908

Galloway Precision Upgrade Kits

Galloway Precision sells a gazillion performance enhancing bits and accessories for virtually any common defensive pistol out today. Roy Huntington recently installed this kit on his Ruger LCPII, including their Sigurd short-stroke trigger, mag extension, steel guide rod and spring, Traction Grip Overlay and enhanced recoil spring (use your stock inner spring). He said their online video walks you through the installation and makes it easy if you have some tool skills. He’s smiling now and said the parts worked great — around $70 or so for this batch.

For more info: www.gallowayprecision.com, [email protected]

Apex “Freedom” Edition S&W Triggers

The Apex “Freedom” edition triggers not only fly the flag but enhance your S&W M&P while they do it. The flat-face, forward-set trigger kit reduces pre- and over-travel, and allows you to set your finger lower to increase leverage. Add in lowering pull weight, changing travel to match a 1911’s trigger — and easy installation — this is an easy and important change-out for your M&P — $184.95.

For more info:
www.apextactical.com Ph: (623) 322-0200

Smart Drive 90

We know, we know, you’re sick and tired of us reminding you to use dedicated screwdrivers when cranking screws on your guns. So, in light of this, We’ll go ahead and remind you again — use the best you can afford!

Real Avid’s latest, the Smart Drive 90, ramps up the game with more than 80 tool steel-grade bits (Torx, Allen, Phillips and standard), along with two driver handles. No cheapo stuff here, it’s nothing but high quality materials and design. The bigger driver has a “jeweler’s spin top” so you can turn screws in one-handed. The shorter handle gets into tight places, or sort of “plugs” into the side of the big handle, acting like a side-handle on a grinder so you can put some real torque on a screw to get it out or tighten it.

The bigger handle also has a built-in LED light to shine right on the spot you’re working, and the tip is magnetic so bits stay in place when you’re using them. The lid of the kit opens wide for easy access and the whole kit lives right on the workbench without taking up much room.

Real Avid has quickly developed a reputation for inventing cool, practical tools and accessories for cleaning, maintaining and equipping your workbench. Their hammer and punch sets and AR-related tools are essential if you do your own work — which most of us do! The Smart Drive 90 is $99.99 at MSRP but you’re getting a kit with virtually every bit you’ll ever need, two methods to put them to use and the light, jeweler’s feature and more.

For more info:
www.realavid.com Ph: (800) 286-0567

Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool For GLOCKs

To keep GLOCK magazines functioning well even in extreme conditions they require regular inspection and cleaning. But removing GLOCK floorplates can be difficult without the proper tool. The Magazine Floorplate Removal Tool for GLOCK (GFRT-01) from TangoDown makes the job easy. Designed to remove floorplates in all Gen1 through Gen5 OE magazines, the GFRT-01 uses the right amount of leverage to draw the floorplate off the magazine body without damaging it. Made of injection-molded nylon, the GFRT-01 is a valuable addition to your toolbox, range bag or pistol case.

For more info:
www.TangoDown.com, Ph: (909) 392-4757


The ProMat from Cerus Gear is a high-quality gun-cleaning mat made in the U.S. by shooters, for shooters. There are ProMats for rifles and handguns with patriotic and schematic designs as well as field-stripping instructions. Cerus Gear actually has 80-plus designs with detailed, accurate and vibrant imagery so this means there’s a ProMat for every shooter.

For more info:
www.cerusgear.com Ph: (435) 535-3758

1911 Tool

It gives me great personal delight to talk about this very cool tool from CRKT. Gary Smith (recently retired from Caspian) thought up and otherwise invented this handy gadget. Some years ago, Gary had it in production and Roy Huntington reviewed it several times. It was just too good to not cover again … and again. The original one he sent Roy is on his workbench right now and gets used pretty much constantly in 1911 work. Plus, the various tools included do plenty of double duty on other jobs.

Gary recently contacted us and told us CRKT is now producing his design, as well as a Ruger-branded model. One of the most useful parts of the 1911 Tool is the “plier/bushing wrench” concept Gary came up with. You can easily see it in the picture. The “plier” action allows a firm grip with no slipping if you have a tough 1911 barrel bushing to break free.

The other accessory tools add up to a “must-have” list of fun tools. The bushing wrench doubles as a plier, there’s a spring cutter, three flat drivers, punch rod, file, knife blade, two Allen wrenches in common sizes, bottle opener (hey, you never know), a wire stripper and the G10 handles and nylon case make it handy. The tool kinda folds back over itself, so the handles cover the plier jaws. It’s not a bad “general” pocket/belt tool too, but it shines doing gun work.

It’s $99.99 at MSRP and comes with a lifetime warranty. One of the things we like about this is the fact an actual guy we know invented it and had the moxie to get it into production. And the fact Gary is a real “gun-guy” is evident in his selection of the accessory tools included in the 1911 Tool. You can shop at Ruger or CRKT to get yours.

For more info:
www.ruger.com, Ph: (336) 949-5200;
www.crkt.com, Ph: (800) 891-3100

Ammo Can Mini

Not everything in your shop is about building — sometimes you just need to figure out how to store all the bits and pieces you’ve accumulated. And what about ammo? You want it accessible and handy for when you head out to the range. And when it comes to ammo storage and shooting accessories, MTM Case-Gard is a great source for solutions. New from the company is the Ammo Can Mini, sized at 8.4″x4.4″x6.8″. The Ammo Can Mini can store up to 700 rounds of 9mm and handle up to 12 lbs. MSRP is $6.99.

For more info: www.mtmcase-gard.com, Ph: (937) 890-7461

AR-15 Armorer’s Kit

Building, customizing and repairing a special AR in your collection? Then be sure to check out Real Avid’s AR-15 Armorer’s Kit. Described by the company as “the complete solution for building, modifying, customizing and maintaining your AR-15,” the kit offers professional-grade tools for the AR enthusiast. Tools included are a master wrench, lug-lock upper vise block, smart fit vise block, pivot pin tool, handguard removal tool, master bench block, pin punch set and torque wrench. MSRP is $249.99.

For more info: www.realavid.com, Ph: (800) 286-0567

DIY Guns Specialty Magazine

Want a handy, one-stop shop guide for all your gunsmithing needs? Then check out the new Special Edition issue of American Handgunner DIY Guns, a practical guide for aspiring gunsmiths. From the simple task of swapping out grips to the more refined process of tuning an extractor (and everything in between), DIY Guns provides a down-to-earth guide for budding enthusiasts who want to hone their gunsmithing skills. So pick up your copy at http://fmgpubs.com/DIY19/