Exude OD25 Tactical Predator Gun Light with Mount

Not a Flashlight...a Direct Light Illuminator

Impressive. The EXUDE OD25 Tactical Predator Gun Light was handed back and forth and snatched away as my dad and I took turns shining it into the far corners of the yard. For such a small and lightweight package, I never anticipated such power. A translucent beam of light reminiscent of those flashing the iconic Hollywood sign pierced the darkness to illuminate the leaves of trees 75 yards away.

The light held in a tight circle with crisp edges. It didn’t spill over or reflect with the outer diameter marking the vast difference between light and darkness. It actually reminded me of the “flashlight” on a Scooby-Doo PC game. Adjustments allow you to create a tighter or larger field of view.

This 9-oz. illuminator produces 1,050 lumens in a natural wavelength so as to not spook game animals. It comes with a 30mm scope mount, 1″ scope mount and Picatinny rail mount as well as red and green filters.

The beam measures 31.5 feet in diameter at 100 yards and runs between one and three hours depending upon which of the three brightness settings is used. Though intended for predator hunting, I found it a useful tool to pack both in a hunting bag and for general use. Though it doesn’t have a strobe, the light is blinding and would certainly disorient an attacker. Descriptions for this light don’t do it justice. It truly is a powerful tool with uses beyond hunting.

MSRP: $89.99