The Not So Long And Bullpup Short Of EAA’s MKA 1923


Let’s get this right up front: The new MKA 1923 Bullpup from EAA is definitely not your granddaddy’s shotgun.

Indeed, if my grandpa had lived to see this 21st century smoothbore, my guess is he would have raised an eyebrow, scratched his chin and wondered how he might have to explain his new purchase to grandma. I imagine he’d convince her it was his new grouse and rabbit gun because it’s short enough to swing quickly out of the front seat of his 1954 Ford.

Produced in Turkey by Hasan, the MKA 1923 is a magazine-fed semi-auto chambered for 12-gauge, 3-inch magnums. The magazine holds five shells and the barrel is 18.7″ in length, which exceeds the mandated 18″ length decided upon generations ago for no good reason I can find.

Boasting a very compact OAL of 29.5″, this new EAA entry has fully adjustable front and rear sights that are also removable from the top rail above the barrel ahead of the receiver. It is no lightweight shoulder bruiser, hitting the scale at 9 lbs., 11 oz., making it a good choice for home or business protection.

You will also find an accessory rail molded into the front end of the reinforced nylon stock/frame, and the trigger is fully surrounded by the lower frame with a pistol grip. The action features a trigger block thumb safety.

This scattergun is fitted with a thick rubber butt pad. I suspect some people will like it — some others not so much. The charging handle is on the left side of the receiver above the trigger, and the bolt stop/release is also on the left side on the buttstock below the bolt and just to the rear of the magazine well.

Finished in a non-glare matte black, the MKA 1923 has some texturing at various locations in the synthetic stock, along with some molded ribbing/serrations just ahead of the trigger for the weak hand. Therefore, the user holds on with both hands and cuts loose.

I can also see this new Bullpup model showing up at competitions here and there, and it might make a good addition to a law enforcement tactical unit.

According to EAA, the suggested retail pricetag on this shotgun is $849. It looks tough enough to deliver your money’s worth and then some.

For more info:
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