Want Realistic MSR Practice?

Check Out Crosman’s DPMS SBR High-Volume CO2 Rifle

Crosman Rifle

There’s a less expensive, and lot less noisy, option for people who want to sharpen their skills with a modern sporting rifle (MSR) and have a lot of fun doing it when they can’t get to a range.

Enter Crosman’s DPMS SBR .177-caliber CO2 air rifle — a gun with a 1,400 rounds-per-minute rate of fire, and about as realistic as it can get. Crosman Marketing Director Jay Duncan provided details on this new entry to GUNS, and they are impressive.

Suffice to say this is not your grandpa’s air rifle! It’s not a child’s play thing. The DPMS SBR is capable of “full auto” fire and can be used not only for target and recreational shooting, but also pest control.



The DSBR has a blowback action, with a realistic weight of 6.21 lbs. It features folding front and rear adjustable BUIS sights, a full length Picatinny top rail, accessory rails on the handguard, a steel smoothbore barrel with a stylized muzzle device, adjustable six-position nylon fiber buttstock and 25-round removable magazine. There is also an angled foregrip and the magazine holds two CO2 cartridges.

So, what can someone do with this airgun? A lot, actually, because this new Crosman model is as realistic as they come. The ergonomics match those of an MSR, as does the function. It can push a BB out of the muzzle at an impressive 430 fps — ample enough to put the hurt on rodents and other vermin.

DMSP Package

girl shooter

Kid shooter

For those who wish to simulate actual competition scenarios, the DSBR makes a logical choice. It’s got an AR-compatible pistol grip, so the feel of this gun is going to be very familiar.

Because the semi-auto MSR is the most popular long gun in America today, this new Crosman entry might be perfect for teaching the safe use of such a rifle to novice or younger shooters. They can learn muzzle control, fire discipline, proper sight alignment, trigger control and a lot more, and one never has to leave the basement, garage or back yard.

It’s already getting early user reviews for accuracy and reliability.

Definitely not a “toy gun,” this modern BB gun stretches 26.5″ overall, and there is even a forward bolt assist on the top right receiver.

It’s got an MSRP of $199.00 and may be viewe online here: https://www.crosman.com/dpms-sbr-full-auto-black
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